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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Name: ________________________
Martin Luther King Jr.'s wife.
State where Martin Luther King was assassinated.
What prize was awarded to Martin Luther King Jr. in 1964?
Who shot and killed Martin Luther King's mother?
What did Izola Ware Curry plunge into Martin Luther King Jr.'s chest at a book signing?
In 1958, the first assassination attempt happened in this city.
What is the name of the Baptist Church in Atlanta, where his mother and father served?
Martin Luther enrolled in this college at age 15.
City where Martin Luther King was assassinated.
Martin Luther King was jailed 29 times for Acts of...
Which president created a federal holiday to honor Martin Luther King Jr.?
Who was convicted for killing Martin Luther King Jr.?
According to Martin Luther King's speech, which Land had he seen?
Martin Luther King Jr. wrote a book called, "Stride toward ...."