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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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History of Healthcare

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The Romans developed what system to prevent diseases?
What diagnostic instrument confirmed diseases were caused by microorganisms and not angry Gods?
In what time period did people believe that diseases and illnesses were punishment from the Gods?
What disease occured during the Middle Ages that killed 75% if the population in Europe and Asia?
During what time period was there acceptance of dissection of the body, invention of the printing press, and renewed interest in the science of medicine?
The suffix megally means
What is the drug discovered in the 20th century to treat diabetes?
What century were antibiotics first developed?
Gastro means
Who began to take and active role in providing healthcare in the 19th century?
Insurance for the "elderly"
What event marked the beginning of the Dark Ages when the study of scientific-based medicine stopped? The Fall of the?
Who was the Father of Medicine?