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Martin Luther King Jr.

The belief that all people are of equal value and should be treated with equal respect and abide by fair laws.
The ability to cast a ballot for the candidate of your choice.
Martin was born in the city of Atlanta in this state.
This was when thousands of people went to see MLK Jr. at our nation's capital.
A method of bringing about change without physical aggression.
The country where MLK Jr. studied Mahatma Ghandi.
King went to jail many times while working for equal rights.
Martin's father and grandfather were both leaders of a church.
The title of Martin's famous speech in 1963.
MLK Jr. won this in 1964 for his work to bring about equal rights for people of color.
The practice of refusing to buy a good or service to send a message of disapproval.
This city in Tennessee is where Martin lost his life.
The practice of separating people by race in schools, restaurants, and public places.
When groups of people work together to create change.
Woman famous for refusing to give up her bus seat and beginning public outrage.