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Force and Motion Vocab

The length between two points
A force that resists the motion of an object
Force acting in the opposite direction
Two forces that push against each other and are unequal; movement
A point around which a lever rotates
A force that attracts objects
A force that does not have to touch another object to affect it
Unit of measurement to show how much force it takes to move an object
A machine made of two or more simple machines
An objects place
A push or pull that causes a change
Speed and direction of an object
Something that replaces human work
The distance an object travels divided by the time it takes to get to a place
A tool that makes work easier, has few or no moving parts
The initial push or pull of one object on another object
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction
Anything that has mass and takes up space
The product of an object's mass and velocity
An object will continue doing what it is doing until a different force is applied
The change of velocity with respect to time
Force that directly touches another object to affect it
The ability to do work
The amount of stuff in any object
Any type of movement
The measurement of gravity pulling on an object