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Week of 02/02/20

Pictured in Ace of Cups
Last Unicorn author
This card appeared last week as well
Eye of the _____
Negative version of King of Swords
Greek myth or podcast provider
Ace of Cups
It comes after the Moon makes its last major aspect before changing signs
In the cat's ear
9 of Wands
Where Mercury will retrograde
The blame game
Venus and Pluto form one on 2/2
Last Unicorn was originally one of these
By the window
Divine Diversity by Joe ________
When past actions decide fate in future existences
The Last _________
The streams of water represent these
Joanna Nelson's little monsters currently on Kickstarter
The frog has them
The Cups suit
February 2 is a special one
Is in Sagittarius
I'm still ________
Deck by Cullinane
Saturn is known as
Two planets at the same degree of the same sign
8 OF Swords
One of the cat's legs
Joanna Nelson's Spirits
My interactive Guidance
The cat has one
Wheel of _______
Deck by Donnelly
Dreams of Gaia artist
Pagan holiday just passed
Wheel of Fortune
Children of
Repeating numbers
Kaleira's _____