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What did George Washington Carver make from peanuts?

Adults drink it in the morning and it is brown
Used in art and they are of different colors and types
If you eat too many it is not good for your teeth
It is black and heats up your outside grill when you are having a barbecue
You use it to clean your hair
A drink that usually comes from a cow
Men use it on their beard
Used on furniture to give it a nice color
You wash your body with it
They make you go number two
Tires are made out of this
These add color to your clothes
Makes your skin soft
You write on it and can wrap presents with it
You recycle them and can make things like bottles out of them
You use it to make egg salad
Used to fry food
It is in your pen and printer
An ingredient in pancakes
You use it to make slime