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Sun and Water Cycle Crossword

The constant movement of water around the Earth
The type of water that contains 3% to 4% salt
The physical change of a substance from solid state to gas state, skipping the liquid state
The part of a plant that pulls water from the soil into the plant's body
Water being pulled from a higher elevation to a lower elevation by gravity
Water in gas state
The amount of water vapor in the air
97% of the Earth's water is in this body of water
Foods and animals that we eat, which are one of the largest uses of fresh water
The number of essential steps in the water cycle
The physical change of a substance from gas state to liquid state
A place where condensation of water occurs
A word that means "save"
Buildup, gathering, or collecting of water
The physical change of a substance from liquid state to gas state
The evaporation of water from plant leaves
Hail, rain, sleet, or snow falling to Earth from clouds
A decrease in temperature
The type of water that has a low concentration of salt
A place where salt water and fresh water meet and mix
An increase in temperature
A large sheet of ice that moves very slowly
A prefix that means "water"