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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Judaism cross word

2. Most Jewish people live either in the United states or ______________ .(pg. 26)
4. Judaism began when God made a covenant(agreement) with a Shepard named ___________( later changed to Abraham). (pg. 27
Celebration of the miracle of oil.(pg. 39)
5. Abram lived in a community that was _________________ (pg. 27)
3. One of the central Tenets of Judaism is the belief in a single universal and ____________ God who created the world and everything in it. (pg. 26)
13. __________ ____________ is known as the day of atonement (pg. 39)
8. The ______________ commandment is “thou shall have no other gocs before me.” (pg. 30)
There are Approximately 14 ____________________________ followers worldwide. (pg 26
9. The ___________ became the most important sacred text of Judaism.(pg. 31)
7. Torah means “___________,” and contains 613 commandments. (pg. 30)
One of the five books of the torah(pg. 31)
6. God tested Abraham’s loyalty by asking him to _________________ his son Isaac. (pg. 28).
11. The _____________ has become the center for Jewish Worship and study. (pg. 33)
12. The Three major branches of Judaism are orthodox , reform, and _______________ Judaism. (pg. 35)