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Animals 1

Our ______ make us hear sounds
There is ___ oven in a stove
A most dangerous big cat of India
Read this book to the ____ to see who was the bad guy.
The third month of the year
This enormous animal loves to be submerged.
My ____ is France Roy
This animal has no lungs (poumons); only gills (ouies)
The cowboys' favorite animal
Abbr.: Egypt
You are either for me ____ against me: decide!
The man who tells others what to do is the _____
This animal purrs and meows.
Abbr. Electrical Engineer
Today I meet you. Yesterday I _____ your sister.
The store is open from Monday ____ Friday
A huge mammal that (Mammifère) lives in the ocean .
It is big and has a trunk and husks (des défenses)
The American flag is blue, ____ and white
Do, re,____,fa, sol
How old ____ are you?
A swelling, sometimes cancerous. It rhymes with "humor".
He has a very long neck and a small head.
He is called the king of animals
Le us meet ___ three o'clock.
Abbr.: Sergeant Major
A very small rodent (rongeur)
This animal barks. He is called man's best friend.
A road in a city is a _____
The masculine of "she"
It is often poisonous. It crawls on its belly
To lose weight, eat only a little ____ .
If you tear off a button you must ________ it back
Re, mi, ____, sol, la