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Animals 2

A river not ____ enough is not navigable
Kings of the animal kingdom (royaume)
Ox, in the plural form
Frozen water
You play to ___, not to lose.
Definite article: Micheline is ____ mother of France
These reptilians leap and jump. We eat their legs.
Abbr.:Press Agent
___, re, mi,fa
She is as bright ____ pretty.
Abbr.: Medical Doctor
Abbr.: Right Side
This animal runs very fast.
A clever animal named in the fable: Le renard et le corbeau
This insect stings, but it gives us sweet honey
The fastest big cat on earth.
It has two humps (bosses)on its back.
"It is either you ____ me."
Strange, not quite normal. Unusual
Short for "laboratory"
That snake rattles its tail before attacking.
A command made to a dog. (rhymes with "bit"
A favorite target of hunters. Rhymes with "peer"
The spelling of the letter "n"
They give us "pork".
A big cat with spots in its fur.
It gives us "wool".
Turn ___ the TV for the news.
To catch a fish, put a ____ on the hook (hamecon)
Abbr.: Outside Dimensions
They give an excellent milk for cheese. Rhymes with "boats"
A donkey. Rhymes with "pass and Lass)
It has only one "hump" on its back. A cousin of the camel
What your uncle Raymond used to hunt (chasser)
This rodent is responsible for the plague ( la peste)
They fly. (Pigeons, eagles etc.)
Abbr.: Engineering Corps
Our best source of milk
These animals come from the horse and the donkey
A kind of poems. Rhyme with "mode or code".
Today I eat poutine. Yesterday I ___ hot dogs.
How ___ are you. "I am five years _____"
A rodent causing the plague
A large stick (baton) for baseball players