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US History U7

The movement banning the buying and selling of liquor.
The thinking that opposes a nation's involvement in political or military affairs outside its hemisphere.
The growth of city living.
An act of revenge for a wrong or injury.
The thinking that a nation should be actively involved in world affairs.
Suited to the time, place, or occasion
The elimination or limitation of armed forces, military equipment, or weapons of war.
Given to theorizing or taking a chance.
A temporary end of hostilities by mutual agreement; a truce.
The promotion of new and more liberal ideas and changes.
The act of taking away a mortgage.
A tenant farmer who pays a share of his crop as rent for his land.
Making or selling liquor illegally.
Money paid by the defeated countries for acts of war.
The pursuit of pleasure as the chief activity of life.
A deadlock or tie.