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Warrior Cats

The sneaky clan
Old cats who have served their clan well and long
Where the cats live
The most famous clan
Daughter of Ivypool, likes Rootpaw, shows off to impress imposter Bramblestar
The first leader of RC
Son of Tigerstar, mates with Squirrelflight
A cat who does not live in the clans
Like Starclan, but for the evil cats
The first leader of SC
Clan mediator, weird, can summon and see ghosts
Mothwing's apprentice
Wimpy, medicine cat of TC, Bramblestar's son
The first leader of Skyclan, known as Clear Sky
Violetshine's best friend, drowned by Darktail, was actually still loyal to SC
One of the three, cannot feel pain, mates with Cinderheart
RC leader, daughter of Bluestar
Sisters with Leafpool, deputy, mates with Bramblestar
Leader of Skyclan, loyal, led her clan to the lake
Father of Hawkwing, deputy of Skyclan, killed by Darktail
Deputy of Skyclan, Twigbranch and Violetshine's father
The cats who live in the far away mountains
Trained in the Dark Forest, Crowfeather's son
Medicine cat of SC, got struck by lightening, has weird visions
Where medicine cats and leaders share with Starclan
Mates with Tree, father is Hawkwing
First leader of TC
Liked Tigerstar, great leader, looked like a type of big cat
Broken jaw, leader of RC
Lives with the Tribe, Feathertail's brother
The dead ancestor cats
The fast cat clan
Used to be a kittypet, killed by Tigerstar in the Great Battle, leader of TC, very strong and proud
Can see Bramblestar's ghost, Tree's only son
The decision maker and owner of a clan