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The Dirt Grower Crossword

Geoff had to eat a dead ____________.
Geof liked to pick on his little _________.
Derek was in the ________ grade.
Renee's car was this color.
The Dirt Grower
Derek's mom sent him to school with extra _________.
Renee's car
What did they eat at Pee Pee Wee Wee?
Geoff stole a glass of ________.
Teacher's name.
The class sang ____________.
Narrator's name.
Geoff put dirt ___________ on his sister's pizza,
Derek feared he might be made of __________.
It was the last one of the year.
Derek's mom was sweeping dirt into the _____________.
Derek's age.
Derek's last name
Derek made this dirty on every video game.
Number of dollars Derek's mom gave him.
Derek was the _________ of dirt.
Cats is a __________.
Derek's mom