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The Cat Who Went to Heaven

The ____________ student knew in her heart to do the right thing.
Prayers, songs and other actions that are offered to a god as a way of expressing devotion
Molly and Emily, or Kate and Caroline, for example.
A feeling that Mr. Richmond might feel if the STAB soccer team is losing by five goals.
Compassion which comes from a human or a god.
It's a feeling that we celebrate in late November.
Unable to accept that Social Studies class was ending, Jayden __________ by the door.
Boo! "That ghostly image was soooo scary," said a frightened Davis.
Ellie ___________ with a "tee hee, ha ha" (she was trying to bite her tongue, but Durland's joke was really quite funny!)
Charlotte, Olivia and Keira certainly know how to ____________; their voices could bring a tear to your eye and warmth to your heart.
Special honor or respect that you would pay to King Noah III during the Middle Ages
You can try to _______ me into joining the skydiving trip, but I don't think you'll succeed.
Complete and total trust in something
"You're never willing to change your mind, even when it's clear that you are wrong. You are so _____________."
The branches of the majestic oak ______________ in the hurricane wind.
Like a lamb, perhaps, or a newborn pup
A religious journey to visit a sacred place
Special socks, silky sweaters, and sassy scarves
Impressively beautiful, like a drawing by Jacob Y.
Axel, Ashton and the rest of the _____________ deliberated for many hours before making the important decision.
Worthy of respect
Your _________ need not be your enemy; in fact, he can inspire you to greatness.