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Texas History - Geography

Teacher: Orth
Small round model of Earth.
Something that stands for a specific thing.
Number of continents on the Earth.
Units of measurement used on a globe.
Countries below the equator are in the __ hemisphere.
Lines of latitude are the __ lines on the globe.
A map that shows landforms, 2 words.
Lines that measure north and south.
The line that divided Earth into East and West, 2 words.
Tells what each symbol stands for.
Map that show political boundaries, 2 words.
Largest continent.
Largest ocean.
Height above sea level.
Countries west of the Prime meridian are in the __ hemisphere.
The line that divided Earth into North and South.
Number of oceans on the Earth.
Another word for legend.
Relationship between distance.
A half of the Earth.
Tells what the map is about.
Lines that measure distance east and west.
Countries above the equator are in the __ hemisphere.
Directions: northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest.
Lines of longitude are the __ lines on the globe.
Symbol that shows direction on a map, 2 words.
A collection of maps.
South Pole is on which continent.
Directions: north, south, east, and west.
System of lines that cross each other.