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Week of 02/16/20

Page of Swords appears
Herald deck
10 of Swords
You have 7 of these
Page of Pentacles appears
Jupiter and Neptune this week
King of Pentacles artist
King of Pentacles deck
School of Mahayana Buddhism
Which planet sextiles Neptune?
10 of Wands
Water under the ______
10 of Pentacles
10 of Wands appears
10 of Swords appears
Those dogs are ____
Where is Mercury
A divination tool
Aspect on 20th is one for 2020
Bowie tribute deck
Mercury nickname
Cards with messages from these guides
Provides wise and insightful counsel
Cullinane first deck
Whose curse is it?
Cullinane third deck
10 of Wands
This Page has two
10 of Swords deck
Your connection to the Divine
Another name for Page
Mercury is the first to do this in 2020
5 of Cups appears
Back-to-back cards of what?
The only King
Pentacles opportunity
Jupiter sextile _______
Surrounded by these
On her back
Children of _____
Page not seen this week