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Ms. Rolle's US History Tour

Made up of two bodies of legislators
The first country in Latin America to become independent after the U. S.
The president who issued the Monroe Doctrine
The region that the Monroe Doctrine was intended to address.
A country in South America
President Wilson's Diplomacy that promoted democracy.
Was president from 1909 to 1913
The article of the Constitution that explains the powers of the judiciary.
The process by which voters choose their political leaders.
Was president from 1913 to 1921
A country in Central America
Was president from 1901 to 1909
President Taft's Diplomacy, that primarily was concerned with protecting the business interests of America.
There are seven in the world, of which North Amerca and South America are two.
President Roosevelt's Diplomacy that promoted military force.
The article of the Consitution that expresses the powers and authority of the Congress.
The third president to be impeached in the history of the U.S. and the first to be convicted by a senator of his own party.
A country in North America
The article of the Constitution that explains the power and authority of the presidebnt of the United States.
Another word for legislations