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Japanese History and WWII

Non-traditional female job (R)
Place where Japanese were needed for work (T)
1868-Heavy taxes on farmers caused massive __ (R)
Limit immigration (R)
Public Law 96-317: reason for internment (T)
Way of communicating by combining languages (r)
Native born (R)
Japanese movement to American different because __ were included (R)
Place for disloyals (T)
Japanese attack (T)
Arranged marriages (R)
Way of keeping control over workers by combing __ in the fields (R)
Known as children's village (T)
U.S. born/Japanese educated (T)
Born in the U.S. (R)
Temporary camps (T)
Organized based on ethnicity (R)
Exec. Order 9066 allowed people of Japanese ancestry to be __ (T)
Arson and signs not allowing Japanese examples (T)
Resulted in Supreme Ct. releasing all people in internment camps (T)
Aline Land Law: needed __ to own land (R)
Congressman from HI (T)
Hawaiian Sugar Planters passed a __ keeping good jobs for whites (R)
Col. Weckerling started a __ school (T)
State outside of CA used for internment camps (T)