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Spelling Bee - Before the Performance!

Riordan high school will be _____ next year.
______ Christ makes a brief appearance in this musical.
"Magic _________" is William Barfee's song because he "writes" with this body part where you put shoes.
The director of Spelling Bee was in the long-running, recently closed hit Beach _____ Babylon.
In order to be the winner he or she must be a very good ______.
______ Drama is prosenting this show.
This word means wild and noisy disorder or confusion.
Lunch intermission will in the cafeteria and/or _____.
We are seeing this show on ____ 2nd @ 10am.
Leaf Coneybear's song "I' Not That ______" is about how he thinks he's dumb.
Mr. Panch is not the head of school but the _____ Principal.
A character in the musical OR they are either black or green, with a pit.
In musicals you must act, ____ and dance.
The performance will take place in the Lindland _________.
Name of the book where you find word definitions.
Marcy can speak six ______.
Sometimes the champion can take home a big _______.
The 25th Annual _______ County Spelling Bee is the title.
The "kids" in the musical are in _____ school.
Riordan HS is located on _____ Kahlo Way.