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SPELLING BEE - After we see the Show!

One of the characters has two _____.
The "show business" term for Student Matinee is ____.
Name of the female "emcee" who won the Spelling Bee when she was young.
This is what the dance movement is called.
There was a ____ dance number that made cool sounds.
The lights that follow the characters as they sing and dance.
The last song of a musical is called the _____.
Would you consider Riordan's theatre large or small?
Color of the main curtain at the Riordan theatre.
Some _____ members got to go on stage, to spell and dance.
After the performance they called our ticket number, to give us a _____.
They played the live music, positioned in the "orchestra pit' during the performance.
The "break" between acts (when we eat lunch) is called the _______.
There were a lot of middle ______ at the performance!
The "behind-the-scenes" people, who move the sets.
This musical won two _____ awards.
Leaf Coneybear is _____ schooled by his parents.
The Question and ____ portion after the show when I can ask questions to the cast and crew.
Chip is a _____ Scout.
______SchwartzandGrubenierre has a very long name.