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Ancient Greece

Military Housing.
Foreigner in a Greek city-state, often a merchant or artisan.
To shut out, keep from participating.
New wahys of doing things.
A person who gives an informative talk to students.
Society organized for the purpose of waging war.
Democracy in which people elect representatives to make the nation's laws.
Messenian person forced to work as a lowly farmer in Sparta.
People in power.
Art and practice of government.
Greek city-state.
Hereditary class of rulers, Greek for "rule by the best people".
Government in which a small group of people rule.
Man responsible for the day-to-day operations of the governemnt in Sparta.
Government in which citizens take part in the day-to-day affairs of government.
Membership in a state or community which gives a person civil and political rights and obligations.
To represent
Legal member of a country or city-state.
To keep and support
Unjust use of power, or in ancient Greece a government run by a strong ruler.
Form of government in which citizens hold political power.
Ownership and control of other people as property.
Person who pays rent, either in money or crops, to grow crops on another person's land.
Greek military formation of heavily armed foot soldiers who moved together as a unit.
To gain.
"high city" in Greek.