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7th Grade US History - Chapter 15 - Reconstruction

The Reconstruction ___ of 1867 ordered the army to ensure that the South complied with congressional mandates.
Samuel J. _____ was a democratic presidential candidate in 1876.
The ____ amendment is a constitutional amendment giving full rights of citizenship to all people born or naturalized in the United States, except for American Indians
A system used on southern farms after the Civil War in which farmers worked land owned by someone else in return for a small portion of the crops.
The 10 ____ Plan was Lincoln's plan for re-admitting the Southern states into the Union
A northerner who went to the South immediately after the Civil War; especially one who tried to gain political advantage or other advantages from the disorganized situation in southern states
A town based around an industry
The Freedmen's ______ is an organization run by the army to care for and protect southern blacks after the Civil War.
White Southerner who supported Reconstruction
A Radical Republican who believed in harsh punishments for the South. Leader of the Radical Republicans in Congress.
Charges against a president approved by a majority of the House of Representatives.
Rutherford B. ____ was the 19th president.
Popular Secretary of War who is fired by Johnson and leads to Johnson's impeachment.
Southern laws designed to restrict the rights of the newly freed black slaves
_______ Reconstruction was led by Conservative Southerners or "Redeemers".
Former slaves
The ___ Amendment is the constitutional amendment adopted in 1870 to extend suffrage to African Americans.
A group pardon
_____ of Office Act made it illegal for the president to remove any appointee who had been approved by the Senate unless the Senate also approved the dismissal.
The ____ Committee on Reconstruction is a Committee appointed by Congress to devise a way of reconstructing the South.
The period from the end of the Civil War to 1877.
The Radical _____ is a group after the Civil War that believed the South should be harshly punished and thought that Lincoln was sometimes too compassionate towards the South.
A secret society created by white southerners in 1866 that used terror and violence to keep African Americans from obtaining their civil rights.
______ Reconstruction is President's idea for reconstruction; proposed by Abraham Lincoln in December 1863 and Andrew Johnson planned to follow it.
In 1864, Congress developed its own Reconstruction plan.
A leader of the Radical Republicans along with Thaddeus Stevens.
______ Reconstruction is the reconstruction strategy that was based on severely punishing South for causing war.
The ____ Amendment abolished slavery.
Secretary of State who was responsible for purchasing Alaskan Territory from Russia.
After the Civil War, southerners promoted a new vision for a self-sufficient southern economy built on modern capitalist values, industrial growth, and improved transportation.