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6th Grade World History - Chapter 16 - Spread of Imperialism

Treaty of _____ was signed by Japan and the United States in 1854; opened Japan to trade with other nations.
An addictive drug that British merchants brought to China in order to gain a favorable balance of trade.
Parliamentary decree that gave the British crown control over the British East India Company.
_____ I came to power in Russian in the midst of revolt.
Indian soldiers hired by the British
Reigned in Russia and increased the power of the Russian monarchy.
Spheres of ____ were established by European nations as they claimed Chinese territory for themselves.
_______ II was the Russian ruler who abolished serfdom.
A large region in southeastern Europe
Opium ____ was the result of mounting tensions between British merchants who wanted to continue the opium trade and the Chinese government's efforts to bring an end of it.
_____-Japanese War was a war in which Japan easily defeated China, humiliated the Manchu government, took possession of Korea, and received Taiwan along with other Chinese territories.
Russo- ____ War was a war in which Japan astonished the European states by quickly and decisively defeating the Russian army and navy
______ Revolt is a rebellion in Russia started by a small group of nobles and army officers who sight to replace Nicholas with his brother in order to establish a constitutional monarchy.
______ Matthew Perry visited Japan with his fleet and pressured the Japanese to open to trade.
British commander who defeated a much larger Indian force whose leader supported the French.
______ Rebellion is a period of unrest in which the Boxers, a secret society in China, killed missionaries, other foreigners, and Chinese Christians.
_____ Rebellion was an uprising led by Hong Ziuquan that British and Chinese forces were able to quell.
_____ Days' Reform was begun by Guangxu with the goal of implementing sweeping political, legal, and social changes in China.
Sea between southeastern Europe and western Asia.
Radical concept of society without government
Peasants who made up much of the Russian population and lived in a condition of virtual slavery