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Earth History

An example of a trace fossil
A break in rock layers caused by an earthquake
A type of fossil used to determine the relative age of rocks
Pieces of old rock inside younger rock
A term used to describe the decay product of the parent
The rate for half the atoms to radioactively decay
Law that states young layers are above old layers
A radio active element with a half-life of 5,700 years
The principal that states the process that shaped our planet in the past shape our planet today
Law that states sedimentary layers begin as flat layers
A type of metamorphism
The matching of rock layers over distance
A process the creates unconformities
An element with an isotope that has a half-life as old as Earth
Fossils are found in this rock type
Atoms of the same element with different number of neutrons
Magma cutting along geological features
A mineral found in space rocks
Dating that indicates age
A type of unconformity where tilted rocks are under horizontal sedimentary rocks
A type of unconformity where there is contact between sedimentary and igneous rock layers
A type of unconformity where there is erosion between 2 parallel rock layers
A break in the age of rock layers is knows as an...
The strongest part of the body that is preserved as a fossil
A geographic characteristic of index fossils
This volcanic eruption residue is a good time marker when found between rock layers.
Dating that indicates younger and older
Evidence of Earth's history is found in...
The decay product of Carbon
A term used to describe a radioactive isotope