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U.S. History U8

The Chinese Nationalist Party led by Chiang Kai-shek.
Penetration for the purpose of subversive activity.
The act of restoring to a state of health and useful activity through training, therapy, and guidance.
Make valid by approving; confirmed.
To assemble and prepare for war or combat.
A fleet of ships or large force of moving things.
A political philosophy supporting an autocratic government headed by a dictator.
The gradual transfer of fighting in Vietnam from United States' soldiers over to South Vietnamese troops.
Debarking from ship to land.
Irregular fighting forces often operating at the rear of the enemy and using unconventional tactics.
In some European countries, a chief minister of state.
A place where a military force is stationed for defense.
One ruling absolutely and often oppressively.
Chief minister of state.
The application of force by one nation against another in retaliation for acts committed.
A complete or humiliating failure.
One who opposes military ideals, war, or military preparedness, and instead seeks settlement of disputes by arbitration.
A title applied to Hitler by his followers.