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6th Grade World History - Chapters 13 & 14 - Industrial & Social Revolution/Reform in Western Culture

Replaced romanticism as a new art form; pictured everyday life in realistic detail.
Developed one of the first known self-propelled steam engines.
____ Napoleon Bonaparte was elected as president of the newly formed French Second Republic in 1848; followed his uncle Napoleon Bonaparte's examples & declared himself president for life; gave himself the title of emperor in 1852.
The privilege to vote in elections.
Samuel ____ patented the first known telegraph; developed the code to use with the telegraph machine.
Cyrus _____ invented a horse-drawn reaping machine.
Made their first successful flight on December 17, 1903
Spiritual movement that brought many to salvation, started many churches, and prepared the American colonies for independence.
Alexander ____ Bell patented the telephone.
James ____ made important improvements in the design of the steam engine that increased efficiency.
Student of philosophy and history who wrote the Communist Manifesto with Friedrich Engels.
Farming practice in which different crops are grown in a field to maintain the soil's fertility.
Enabled people to write messages to others who lived far away.
____ Whitney invented the cotton gin.
No drinking of alcohol
Invented the flying shuttle
_____ Revolution is the name for the 18th and 19th centuries due to great changes in manufacturing.
Anti-______ is hostility towards Jews
One of the greatest preachers in Britain during the 18th century; organized his converts into Methodist societies, with laymen serving as leaders
Internal _____ engine is an invention that produced power inside the engine.
Businessmen who sell inventions or start businesses for financial gain and accept risk of personal loss
____ Hargreaves invented the spinning jenny.
____ Whitefield was an 18th century British preacher with an international ministry.
A process developed by Louis Pasteur in which milk and other liquids are heated in order to slow the development of disease-causing microbes.
Economic system in which property is commonly and not privately owned
Supplied by bankers or wealthy investors to entrepreneurs to help them get their business started.
Set of government-issued rights granted to an inventor to prevent others from copying and selling his invention for a certain amount of time.
Developed a seed drill
Western style of art, music, & literature characterized by an emphasis on the mysterious and supernatural, a longing for Medieval Age, and a love for freedom, nationalism, emotion, and nature.
______ Meikle developed a threshing machine
Drinking in moderation
Enabled people to speak to others who lived far way
Economic system in which the government owns businesses.