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Ancient Greece and Hellenistic Vocabulary list

type of government in which people rule themselves
philosopher who taught that people should live lives of moderation based on reason
a group of warriors who stood close together in a square
short stories that offer lessons on living
a fortress atop a tall hill in the center of the city-states
author of two great epic poems, the Iliad and the Odyssey
king of Macedonia who built the largest empire the world had ever seen
Athenian leader who ruled at the height of Athenian democracy
type of government in which the a monarch by birth rules
clear and ordered thinking
rich landowners
a war between the two great Greek city-states of Athens and Sparta in the 400s BC
a political unit consisting of a city and its surrounding countryside
body of stories about gods or heroes that tries to explain how the world works
people with the right to participate in government
the last and most famous Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt
society ruled by rich landowners
an agreement to work together
the spread of cultural traits from one region to another
name for the blended culture that developed in Alexander’s empire
government in which only a few people have power
teacher and thinker, student of Socrates, and founder of the Academy
the first of the great Greek thinkers and teachers
leader who rules by the use of force
Greek word for city-state