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St. Matthew 4:1-11

Sunday, March 1st, 2020
Give order
Rhymes with smash; both hurt
First name for Christ
Having to do with
Can be used to make a sandwich
Another name for rocks
Depart in King James Version style
Places of royalty and power throughout the world
Aided; attended; nursed
Celestial beings with wings
Desert; wasteland
Opposite of die
Enticed; seduced; allured
Three-word name for Jesus
Apex; height; peak
Human version of hoof or paw
Another Bible reference for Jerusalem
To be guided physically
Require; command; entrust
Where the voice of God comes from
Essence; Holy _____
Be of use; worship
Another common less formal name for Satan
Jewish version of a church; dwelling place for God
Do not entice or persuade
Three-word name for Jesus Christ
Throw; fishing term; characters in a play
Higher than a hill; strive to reach the top of the _______
Very far beyond; much more than normal
Old English for 'your self'
Another name for Satan that includes part of what he does.