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Buffalo State History

Puzzle Type: Educational
Julian bond, who spoke at the Performing Arts Center in Rockwell Hall, was chairman of what organization?
This office administers the Volunteer and Service Learning Center.
How many millions of dollars did it cost to open the Sports Arena?
This art department was renovated and expanded on the third floor of Rockwell Hall.
What art center was renamed in honor of Charles Rand Penney's contributions?
What was the building named that houses financial services?
The first study abroad program happened here.
Who was assassinated in 1948?
What program started in 1967?
Key point in president Conway-Turner's inaugural address title.
What company was authorized to begin testing cell phones in Chicago?
What building do students take over to protest the US invasion of Cambodia?
What was the name of the student apartment complex opened in a fully renovated former dormitory?
What women's team joined intercollegiate athletics in the 1990's?
What is dedicated in 1966?
How many new areas of study were added in 1954?
Hillary Clinton gave the keynote address at what ceremony?
In 1931, how many buildings opened on the Elmwood Avenue campus?
What is the name of the first residence hall on campus?
What kind of school did Buffalo State start as in 1871?
Buffalo State is the largest kind of this college in the state in 1951.
What department becomes free standing in 1986?
Who is a featured speaker at the third annual Black Arts Festival?