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Jacob Beyer's Crossword Puzzle

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Conquered Peru in 1532 - 1538
Island that Raleigh sent men to on an expedition
Traveled north to Mexico to claim the land of the Pueblo Indians
He was blown off course onto the coast of Brazil
The land bridge the early migrants used to get to the Americas
Their religion was primarily focused on sacrifice to the gods
He believed in predestination
Perfect society
People who originally lived in America
The first English settlement
One nation could grow rich only at the expense of others
Disease the Spanish brought to the Americas
The king who gaves Columbus support to go to the New World
The first explorer to circum navigate the world
Conquistador that defeated the Aztecs
Indians who lived in the New Mexico region
Was one of the largest Native empires and was centralled in Peru
Found the Cape of Good Hope
Started the Protestant reformation when he posted the 95 theses
The well known discoverer of the New World
The name of the Americas prior to being named by Amerigo Despucci
The queen that supported Columbus' expedition
Was founded in New Mexico in 1609 by spanish colonists
Was the first European to gaze upon the Pacific Ocean from the Americas in 1513