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Ancient Greece Crossword

The people of ancient Greece; the defeated the Acheans, and extended into Crete.
Ancient Greek meaning rearing. Training involved millitary training, hunting, dancing, and more.
Fortress of a Greek city were built upon this high hill.
Slaves, Sparta’s government was in control of them. They grew crops, and had many other jobs.
Governors that rule provinces, collect taxes, and served as judges for Darius.
Heavy wooden shield used by the armies.
Heavlily armed soldiers of ancient Greece.
Created by founders of the United States. Citizens elect officials to represent them.
Rich landowners who dominated Athenian society.
Formal speech delivered at a funeral in ancient Greece.
All citizens could participate directly in government. Each persondecision effect the outcome.
The marketplace.
The fear or distrust of foreigners or anyone the Greek didn’t know.
Type of government in which people rule.
Ancient vessel and type of gallery. Used by ancient maritime civilizations
political unit consisting of a city and the surrounding countryside.
Leaders of ancient Sparta and shared power and two kings.
A government in which only a few people have power.
Greek like; heavily influenced by Greek ideas.
Community of people that form their own government.
Staple soup made of boiled pig legs, blood, salt and vinegar.
Socrates, plato, Aristotle teachings were the root of philosophy.
Mycenaean civilization crumbled, Greece went into a time of warfare and disorder.
A person who has the right to participate in government.
An ancient Greek leader who held power through the use of force.
A sickness that goes around and sometimes can be deadly.
A group of warriors who stood close together in a square formation.
The Greek word for city-state.