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American Conservation History

Created by Stephanie Sutherland for The History of American Conservation, 2020
"blank" Parks Organic Act (1916)
The king's trees
Where was Hull House?
fear of a resource loss that inspired the Forest Reserves Act
related to the environment and racism
what should die?
Ideology for "wise use," government ownership & scientific management
school of painting that helped re-imagine the value of nature
". . .for the greatest good of the greatest number for the longest time."
famous face of global warming
the threat this is all about
hideous desolate treacherous evil land to be preserved
Designated as educators and organizers
how many mainstream groups were important in the 80's?
Act that accelerated settling in the West
created by Roosevelt to aid in rebuilding the environment
occurred in 1890 and determined the Frontier closed
transformed the landscape & people's relationship to outdoor recreation
its silent
the sarcastic fruit
Another dam debate
"Equator of the Universe"
John Muir's club
"Eastward I go only by force, but westward I go free."
"Man is everywhere a disturbing agent."
the godly duty of the white man to settle
the master "Saunterer"
philosophy that believes there is a greater truth beyond our material world
materials extracted from nature
First National Park
that way of working together in the 90's
ideology for protecting the sublime & nature's value
era of leftist politics focused on reform, trade unions, and urban planning
the dam debate of Sanfran
April 22 celebrates what?
that orange haired nature killer
fuel efficiency standard