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Costume History 17th-20th Century

At the beginning of the 19th century, this revolution changed the way fashion was created and how quickly trends changed.
This garment protected the skin from chaffing and protected the outer garment from sweat, the first undergarment layer
Women's short hair cut during the French Revolution
After the combination fell out of favor in the 1930s, women's undergarments began to include these short like piece
At the start of WWII, this went into effect heavily limiting the purchasing clothing and food items
19th century short waisted, ling sleeve jacket
1900s summer dress made from white cotton and white lace
Undergarment used by women to achieve the look of wider hips
At the end of the 18th century, this event caused a great change in men and women's clothing in France.
Irene Castle was the first celebrity to bring this short cropped hairstyle to fashion
Popular 18th century mens hat style.
This 17th century item supported the back of the skirt creating a bump.
Large triangle of fabric used at the center of a bodice
Red cap of liberty
17th century French hat makers
Large sleeves; French for lamb legs
A new women's undergarment that supported the bust line in lieu of the corset
These particular skirts caused women to take little steps
Soon after discarding their stays, women began to use these to support the bust line
Women's jacket adopted from clothing used for horseback riding
19th century overcoat in the shape of a gown
These dolls helped the wealthy of the 18th century keep up with fashion trends around the world.
A subculture of middle class men whose clothing allowed them to slip into upper class circles.
A long linen tie men would artfully tie around the neck
One or more of these were used to create a fuller skirt (17th Century)
As WWII raged on, women began to take over work places in factories, these denim pants were often worm.
!st Fashion Magazine published in France
The primary undergarment for women in the 1920s
Introduced by King Charles II in England by Royal Proclamation
18th century boned hoop skirt
This 17th century item supported the back of the skirt creating a bump.
During the 18th century, this item held up stockings
Early 20th century drawing known as the "All American Girl"
Originating from military attire adopted by courtiers at the court of Louis XIV, the attire consisted of a long-sleeved jacket called this.
Bell shaped cap curved over the head and framed the face
Large cape-like collars worn around the neck
Garment worn over indoor clothing similar to an over-cloak for women
18th century neckerchief
17th Century undergarment used to cinch the waist