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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Popular English rock band
people who migrated during the Dust Bowl
"ain't nothing but a hound dog" singer
The ___ of Hammurabi
first African American president
What came first, the chicken or the ___?
Armstrong who moonwalked
The ___ road, a trading route
Karl who was a German economist
Time periods
Guy who made the modern calendar
King of pop
The ___ death
Famous boxer
Map maker who named America
Term for the reign of a Japanese emperor
Adam was the first ___
Creator of Apple
Game you play in the pool
Not the future or present
What MLKJ had
He fiddled as Rome burned
____ hit wonders
What Canadian money is rumored to smell like
Who invented the cotton gin
French guy known for being short
All roads lead here
Writer of "the Tell Tale Heart"
War that these Veterans are hated for
Animal that the Europeans introduced to the world
Amount of world wars
____ Jima
the A in A.D
This war killed the most American soldiers
What man is supposedly evolved from
American inventor who created electronics like the sound recorder
___ v. Wade
Vincent who was a famous artist
Japanese agriculture servent
Rulers of old Russia
Popular life documentation that is uploaded on youtube
To go against the 10 commandments
In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean ____
How many commandments Yahweh gave
Uncle ___
He died on a cross
White supremacist organization
12 Down's first name
Jewish author who died in the Holocaust
The London ___, world's largest Ferris wheel
Indian who wanted peace and no violence from British rule
Martin who posted the 95 theses
Egyptian queen, in short
America's 16th president
The ___ tea party
Took over after the assassination of JFK
Founder of Islam
Also called the fertile crescent, rumored to be where 66 across is
The wall that was torn down by Reagan
Ship that the Pilgrims used to get to America
City that was wiped out by Mt. Vesuvius
English singer/songwriter who sings "tiny dancer"
Alexander the ___
Was put into bamboo shoots to make fireworks before it was used to weapons
The first woman
Charles who came up with natural selection
Lief who discovered North America
The ____ brothers who created the first plane
First name of 31 across
Disciple who betrayed 8 down
Alliance made after WW2
Age before Bronze
How many years a US president is elected
Title of 40 down