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All things cats!

One of the most common lower airway diseases
Recommended treatment for T foetus
This type of pleural fluid more common in cats than dogs
Most sensitive laboratory test for diagnosis of acute pancreatitis (abbrev)
Commonly retrovirus diagnosed (abbrev)
Viral cause of systemic disease and death that may manifest with cavitary fluid accumulation (abbrev)
Emerging cause of sinoorbital disease
Increases colonic motility
Common cause of intestinal disease that can be difficult to differentiate from IBD (abbrev)
Calcium disorder associated with poorer prognosis, _____calcemia
May decrease in refeeding syndrome and cause hemolysis (abbrev)
Rare endocrinopathy causing skin fragility syndrome (abbrev)
Most common adrenal disease
One of the most common endocrinopathies (abbrev)
Lab test of choice for acromegaly (abbrev)
Breed predisposed to amyloidosis
Shock organ
Complication of I131 therapy
LI parasite common in dogs but rare in cats in US (abbrev)
Human approved insulin that is very effective
Test of choice for exocrine pancreatic insufficiency
Hyo_____ is common electrolyte finding with CKD
Viral cause of outbreaks of URI that has rarely caused outbreaks of systemic disease
One of the top 3 causes of hypercalcemia
One of the most effective veterinary-approved insulins in cats (abbrev)
Associated with anorexia in obese patients (abbrev)
GI protozoal organism infesting the feline colon (+/- ileum)
Another top cause of hypercalcemia
One of the most common signs of acute pancreatitis
Common cause of insulin resistance
Breed predisposed to polycystic kidney disease
Most common adrenal disease; hyper_____
Occurs with both right- and left-sided heart failure
Most common cause of fungal rhinitis
Ingestion of this type of this type of plant associated with acute kidney injury
Endocrinopathy associated with DM and organomegaly
Virus causing panleukopenia
A decrease in this macronutrient useful in management of DM (abbrev)
Most common cause of systemic myocosis
Differential in cat from FL with GI signs and elevated liver enzymes
Cause of obstipation; _____colon
NSAID that seems to be the safest (brand name)
Appetite stimulant associated with hepatotoxicity
The lack of this ligament leads to ventral neck flexion
_____thyroidism is common? (abbrev)
Most common cause of pollakiuria (abbrev)
Mosquito borne disease that may cause vomiting
_______ test is first choice for diagnosis of hyperadrenocorticism (abbrev)
Ideal type of fecal floatation for diagnosis of Giardia