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6th Grade World History - Ch. 17 - War, Instability, and Depression

Radical Russian political group led by Lenin that supported the violent overthrow of the monarchy.
Benito _____ formed the Fascist Party in Italy and gradually transformed Italy into a dictatorship.
Treaty of ____ is a treaty between the Allies and Germany that contained harsh demands and blamed Germany for World War I.
Wartime condition in which two opposing forces have no major gains on either side.
War in which all of a country's resources are devoted to destroying the enemy; war in which there are no limits on targets or the kind of weapons used.
An organization proposed by Woodrow Wilson that was supposed to bring about international cooperation.
The National Socialist German Workers' Party led by Adolf Hitler.
Alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire during World War I
Led the Nazi Party and used the political process to gain control of the German government
An economic downturn in the US during the 20th century; affected many other nations
Moderate Russian political group that sought change through peaceful methods.
Communist leader who came to power in the Russian Revolution and signed a treaty with the Germans which took Russia out of World War I.
The Smoot-Hawley ____ Act established the highest tariff (duty or tax on foreign products) in US history.
The second dictator of the Soviet Union; continued and intensified oppression of religion
Pan-______ was a movement started by Arabs to seek a united state of Arabia and an Arab League that would spread from the west coast of northern Africa to Saudi Arabia.
_____ Naval Conference was a meeting of several nations that agreed to limit the number of warships each could build.
______-Brian Pact was an agreement signed after World War I by which nations agreed to settle their disputes by negotiations rather than force.
_____ Pact was an agreement Germany signed with France and Belgium recognizing its present borders with those two nations as permanent.
______ Treaties were agreements between Mussolini and Vatican City that ended the pope's opposition to Italy's unified government.
American agency that controls the US money supply and works to protect the American banking system.
The Triple ____ was a loose confederation between Russia, England, and France prior to World War I.
Albert _____ made tremendous contributions to science with his theories on the relationship between matter and energy (E=mc2); father of modern physics
Francis _____ was the archduke who was heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary and was assassinated in 1914.
_____ Peace Conference was a conference after World War I where five treaties were formulated, including the Treaty of Versailles.
Alliance of Russia, Serbia, and France in WWI; alliance of Britain, France, and Poland (and later the US and the Soviet Union) in World War II