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Crossword Word Search Worksheet

15 Years of BMFI

Number of big screens at BMFI
This Main Line-native and longtime collaborator with Noah Baumbach has visited BMFI multiple times
Nearly 9,000 third-graders have visited BMFI to "see, hear, __ film" since 2005
BMFI shares a March 12 birthday with this actor who is a triple-threat on stage and screen, just like her late mother
Titular star of this 2018 doc is no Diana Ross, but is a longtime member of the Supremes
Knighted actor who cut the ribbon during BMFI's grand opening in 2005 (surname)
Daniel Craig will revise this role for the final time in November instead of April as previously planned
This anti-nuclear war satire was the first film shown when Bryn Mawr Film Institute opened
This local cinema organization helped get BMFI on its feet during the early years, and remains a valued partner and colleague to this day
This director makes an annual appearance in a BMFI film series every summer
This indie director's next film is slated for a July release, and is featured in a BMFI film series and course in June
One-woman show that has "infested" theaters at home and across the pond
The Stage on Screen presentation with the most encores in BMFI history stars this actor as Queen Elizabeth II
This actor visited BMFI between the releases of THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA and A QUIET PLACE, which her husband directed
"Sometimes ___ can be a real cool hand." - Paul Newman in COOL HAND LUKE
Piece of film equipment, invented by friend of BMFI Garrett Brown, that makes possible long, smooth tracking shots
BMFI's founder and "fine companion" (surname)
Harrison, John, Gerald, or Barry M. (supporter of BMFI's children's visual literacy program)
In 2017, BMFI screened a 35mm Technicolor print of SINGIN' IN THE RAIN from the personal collection of this actor, who also starred in the film
The type of shot that is used to orient viewers and set up a scene, or even an entire film
BMFI presented this 7+ hour Soviet film in its entirety as a marathon screening in the summer of 2019
"There is no ___ in the bang, only in the anticipation of it." - Alfred Hitchcock
"Sunny" Jersey native who visited BMFI in 2007 with his cast-mates from a locally set hit TV show
"Neely! Neely ___!" - Patty Duke in VALLEY OF THE DOLLS
In 2015, this Oscar-winning actor/director captivated audiences with memories of being blacklisted during the McCarthy era
The film immortalized in the hand-crafted mosaic in BMFI's concession lobby
This former prez of the AMPAS visited BMFI in 2015
BMFI’s marquee, an historic replica of the original 1927 marquee, is named for this generous family, made possible by their late doyenne with a famously green thumb
This is the coordination of one shot with the next
Thousands of fans have seen this plucky nun twirl in an alpine field since 2005