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Ballet History Crossword

English ballerina who danced with Nureyev
Famous Painter who helped create sets for Ballet Russes
Famous ballet and Broadway choreographer Jerome _______
Last student of Vaganova, ______ Kolpakova
The first romantic ballet
French dancer and title of virtuosic solo create for Baryshnikov
Ballet about a life-like doll
Balachine's ballet featuring Greek muses
Founding choreographer of New York City Ballet
Famous Singaporean choreographer
The first ballerina to be titled "prima ballerina assoluta"
First African American to dance the Firebird, 2 words
Ballet's famous white bird
First name of famous Italian teacher from the late 1800's
Initials of the U.S.'s first ballet company
Choreographed the Afternoon of a Faun for Ballet Russes
Famous classical ballet choreographer
The music for this ballet almost caused a riot in Paris when it premiered
Founded the White Oak Dance Project with Baryshnikov in 1990
Famous Russian pedagogue
English ballerina who danced with Ballet Russes and "russified" her name
Italian dancer who retired in 2013 at age 44.
Famous partner to ballerina Margot Fonteyn
Birthplace of ballet
Baryshnikov co-star
Creator of the 5 foot positions
Ravel ballet
First Native American ballerina, ____ Tallchief
Often credited as being the first ballerina to dance en pointe
Choreographer of Rodeo
Blind ballerina, 2 words
Joined NYCB at age 15, _______ Kirkland
This company celebrated it's 80th birthday in 2019
Defected from the Soviet Union in 1974
Famous French ballerina ______ Guillem
Tchaikovsky's biggest flop
The university in this town was the first to have a dance major for college students
Creator of Ballet Russes
This musical instrument accompanied the first ballet lessons
City where the first ballet ever school formed is located
The "Sun King" who loved ballet
Ballerina whose famous last words were "Get my swan costume ready."
Spanish ballerina who is the artistic director of the English National Ballet