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Crossword Word Search Worksheet


Pacific Northwest Native Americans sometimes used these canoes for ____, hoisting them up into the trees to decay over time.
Artist Chagall said Great art is where this ends.
Numismatists take note. There are many a ___ to enjoy at McMaster Museum of Art museum.
The world’s first electronic instrument
Explorer ___ was the satellite launched in 1958 from Cape Canaveral entered America into the Space
The Chrysler Museum’s The Lunatic of Etretat bares a striking resemblance to which character from Twin Peaks?
The Maclean Museum is in this sixth most populous state
South Dakota ecosystem
Strauss who helped set the tone in American Style
First word in the name for Susan B. Anthony's tool to repair holes in socks
Standing tall on this South Dakota prairie “Mama” is the nation’s only animatronic 25 foot tall, 60-foot wide dinosaur of what variety
Death___ is the galactic superweapon from a sci-fi movie that’s often used to describe the Academy Museum’s Sphere Building.
The oldest public museum in Britain, founded in 1683.
First name of architect Libeskind, who added a blue steel geometric superstructure to a power station.
The Ohio and Erie___ went through what is now the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, pictured in this Akron Art Museum photograph.
The Ringling in Sarasota, FL, has the largest collection in the US of this Old Master painter, whose workshop created massive paintings like this one, The Flight of Lot and his Family from Sodom (c.1613-1615).
Scene of many of ??
Our first president's abode
The occupation of the tormented, controversial biblical figure and enemy of David and the subject of a statue new to the North Carolina Museum of Art. The sculpture previously resided at Rendcomb College, where he was a school mascot. Conservation has found glitter, gum, food, and more on the statue.
This bridge that inspired more than 40 paintings by Claude Monet was named to commemorate which 1815 Battle?
These social beings at the Tech Interactive might need lubricant
Home of the Museum of First Corps of Cadets
George's were made from wood.
Her court case set the legal precedent to abolish slavery in Massachusetts.
Lincoln's occupation when he resided in MacLean County.
These orbs are featured in the museum's favorite gallery
Said to be the window to the soul, pictured here.
____ 1, the satellite lauched in 1958 from Cape Canaveral that entered America into the Space Race.
Only 4 people have been the deepest part of the ocean, how many went down in the vessel?
The Tech Interactive started as a hands-on science and technology center of Silicon Valley in 1990 called The ________ , an allusion to the humble beginnings of many innovative tech companies like Hewlett-Packard and Apple.
The NYHS blog.
The windows afford a view onto Parliament ___
The Akron band spawned many hits. Founder Mark Mothersbaugh wasn't only a musician and continues to make art in many media.
Home of the Susan B. Anthony birth place.
His architecture, including the Canadian Museum of History, is characterized by curving forms and earth-tone materials to create a sculpted effect reminiscent of natural landforms.
Josh Simpson’s “Megaplanet” is the 100th paperweight in our collection and it’s the heaviest! How much (in pounds) does it weigh?
Ruben's woven works for one.
Only 4 people have been the deepest part of the ocean, how many went down in the vessel?
Ole' ___ Lincoln is featured in an exhibition.
Long Island Children's museum's favorite space
What signer of the Declaration of Independence known for his big signature was a Commander of the First Corps of Cadets?
A Cadet after they serve, colloquially.
Home state of the 390th Memorial Museum.
The Corning and the Chrysler are two museums that let visitors see artists work in this media.
Architect of renown or recital equipment.
Second word in the name for Susan B. Anthony's tool to repair holes in socks