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Ultimate lifeguards
Best sense of smell
Breed most used for security and police dogs
Dog that does not bark
The kind of dog owned by President Obama
A black and white gentle giant
Could supposedly beat a cheetah in a long distance race
Herding dog group; in the small family as the Dachshund
Toy dog group; smaller version of a Greyhound
Oldest dog breed
101 of them
This German bred dog has been used as a hunting dog at times.
This "chinese" dog has a purple tongue
Star Wars character based after dog
Probably originated in Germany, but has now become the dog of France.
Non-sporting dog group; also know a "puffy-lion dog"
Tallest dog
Trained as a bird dog in England for more than 400 years. Sporting dog
Band who has a song with a sound only dogs can hear
This dog has webbed paws, making him a very good swimmer
Originally bred in Britain, this dog is considered to be intelligent and have good stamina and speed.
Hound dog group; was developed to flush out burrow dwelling animals
Foundation of all the English hunting spaniels
Hound dog group; inspired the character snoopy
This is the #1 favourite breed in Canada, the US and the UK
These dogs wore armor while protecting Knights in the middle ages
How many dogs survived the Titanic sinking
A herding dog that originated from Scotland.
Breed that dates back to 400 B.C, Toy Dog
The dog is known to be loving and affectionate toward their owners. The dog is easy to care for due to their small size and hypo allergic coat. The dog is popularly used as companion and show dog.
Purebred dog group; originated from Japan
The name of the dog in "The Wizard of Oz'