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American Historical Sites

Entry point into the U.S. for over 12 million immigrants between 1892 and 1954
Massive sculpture of 4 influential presidents, carved into a mountain in the black hills region of South Dakota
Where Abe Lincoln was assassinated
Residence of the President of the United States
Home of the Pueblos, who lived there for over 700 years before migrating to New Mexico and Arizona
Site where the nation declared independence on the 4th of July, 1776
Battlefield; 3 day battle; significant turning point in the Civil Ware; over 51,000 casualties
Space Center named after the President who founded it.
Naval ship that entombed many American Navy Men/Women during Pearl Harbor
America’s first national park
One of the most impressive libraries in the world
The first successful colony in America
One of the most famous buildings in New York
National site in Atlanta Georgia, dedicated to leader of the African-American civil rights movement
America's first major landscaped public park
Revolutionary war battle monument, June 17, 1775.
Notoriously harsh prison based off the coast of San Franciso, CA