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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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The Priory School Crossword #1

Needed for your phone (5)
Surname of 007 (4)
Friday lesson 2 - that's ____(4)
Positive attitude: ___ do (3)
3.14 in Maths (2)
Lightning fast sprinter (4)
Either (2)
Peter Pan or maybe Aladdin at Theatre Severn (5)
a reflection of sound that arrives at the listener with a delay after the direct sound (4)
Mid-day (4)
Wild oxen in Tibet (4)
Maybe you'll deliver one of these as a House Captain (6)
August star sign (3)
Our super 2020 school production: The ___________ (5,2,5)
Shrek is one of these (4)
Where children run around outside at break (10)
We're this - able to bounce back (9)
Children have 20 of these; adults have 32 (5)
Get there first (3)
Destination of the school trip to Germany (6)
Put briefly into liquid (3)
Start to a piece of music etc (5)
A Spanish goodbye (5)
Funny play (6)
Writer of the 007 books (and 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'!) (3,7)
Big shoes to fill (5)
The Road we're on! (7)
Used to get air into your bike tyre (4)
Nocturnal bird (3)
Fortunate (5)
Not even (3)
Shines at night (4)
Multinational tech company based in California (5)
Sandy place for summer hols (5)
Not across... (4)
Small mark (3)
Us! (2)