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Third Grade History & Geography

His partner was Clark
Leading abolitionist
Patches led the way for slaves
She led Lewis and Clark
Gallo pinto is its national dish.
Where there's a......there's a way.
According to Gospel.....
It's not the alimentary....
Is he be.....?
Mmmm, mmm, good!
She has a tale to tell
Home of Machu Picchu
Smart guy
She's a wheel of a gal!
Bright top
They came two by two
He wrote "when in the course of human events..."
Columbus sailed across it.
First President
Pirates of?
Where have you been? I've been
His partner was Lewis
Conductor on the underground railroad
She ain't henpecked!
A heavenly player?
He made a huge land deal
There's a big clock in London....
A book of the Bible
From the Irish sod
Half a dime
One half of Hispaniola
A name from Camelot
A name of Greek origin