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Chemical Kinetics

A catalyst that is in the same phase as a reactant or in solution with the reactant.
A substance formed in one step and consumed in the next step during a complex reaction.
A reaction in which the reactants and products are all in the same phase.
The two or more possible steps that make up a reaction mechanism.
A reaction where the reactants are in different phases.
The minimum amount of kinetic energy that must be possessed by colliding molecules before they can react.
An indicator of how the rate of a reaction is affected by that specific reactant's concentration.
The study of the rates of reactions and the steps by which they occur.
The speed at which reactants disappear or products appear in a chemical reaction.
The many branches of study of how the human body processes medication.
A theoretical, unstable, energetic group of reactants that forms as a transitional structure during a chemical reaction.
A catalyst that is in a separate phase from the reactants.
The slowest elementary step in the reaction.
The series of steps that make up a reaction.
A substance used to slow a reaction or reduce a catalyst's undesirable effects.
A substance that changes a reaction rate without being permanently changed by the reaction.
A naturally occurring protein molecule that acts as a catalyst.
An equation that, by using a numerical constant, mathematically describes how fast a reaction occurs.