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Towns of Herkimer County

Was the site of a Mohawk village before the American Revolution.
Site of the only Tuberculosis Hospital that opened 100 years ago.
The Herkimer, Newport & Poland Narrow Gauge R.R. reached here in 1882.
John Curtis Underwood, who went to Virginia in 1849 and established a farm that used only free labor, was born here.
Settled in 1723 by Palatine German families (2 words).
Name used to be "West Brunswick."
A farm-oriented fair was held here in 1949, reviving the Fairgrounds.
Military Road, built in 1803 to supply the fort at Oswego, runs through this town.
The east branch of the Unadilla River flows through this southern town.
How many towns are in Herkimer County?
Known for its annual ice harvest festival.
The Adirondack League Club, founded in 1890 and the oldest and largest private preserve in the eastern U.S., is here.
President Theodore Roosevelt dedicated a library here in 1908.
The County seat is located here.
The Octagon House built in 1849 by Linus Yale, Sr. for his daughter Clothilda is here.
A Slovenian community lived here (2 words).
Parts of the town of Herkimer became the towns of Norway and ____ in 1792.
The Yellow Church Cemetery, that has many Revolutionary War soldiers buried there, is here.
Was the site of a medical college, military academy and ladies seminary.
The first centralized school in the county was here in 1931.