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Villages of Herkimer County

Locomotives were manufactured here for the West Shore R.R.
Lincoln's Treasurer of the U.S. who was born in Mohawk
The Raithel baby carriage was manufactured here
Became the county's only city in 1895 (2 words)
This theater was opened 100 years ago in Herkimer
Known for its large concentration of potholes (2 words)
Their library is located in Bisby Memorial Hall (2 words)
First village to be incorporated in 1807
H.M. Quackenbush made these
Carlotta, the Lady Aeronaut, lived here in Frankfort - ____ Farm
Located along the East Canada Creek
Remington was the first to manufacture these machines
Canal that gave a boost to industrial activity in Herkimer
Was established in 1902 but dissolved in 1934 (2 words)
Originally was called Bennet's Corners
Rawlings in Dolgeville manufactures these (2 words)
The company Perfex moved here in 1972
Little Falls became the distribution center for this product
The Yale family of Yale Lock fame lived and invented here
Was known as Remington Corners