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A Dog's World

English looney unabashedly heading into pool (5)
Obama has no air conditioning outside of branch (5)
Tangled Leah's strap (5)
Crap! Sue announced toy made in China (4,3)
Greek character found inside general pharmacy (5)
Shade protecting man kind (6)
Dedicate Tom's novel to Homer (12)
Boy-toy now heading to the Spanish shelter (6)
Getting attractive? (8)
Kind of street cement? (6)
Coat found in wolf urine (3)
Showers after middle-eastern procession (5)
Handle threat, not having head start (5)
Handles intermission for audience (4)
Bug Chloe burned evenly (5)
Free, secure arrangement (6)
Doctor lets her provide protection (7)
Dribble somebody's head in front of pitcher (7)
Do be nice, otherwise exhibit initially good behaviour (9)
Poet dad randomly chose (7)
Dog can finish off before ten (6)
Freshen up, devouring one hotdog (6)
Developed crumby stuff, by the sound of it (4)
Lost art turned up in empty study (5)
Follow behind? (4)