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Murder and Mayhem in Herkimer County

In 1865 the lifeless body of constable Anson Casler was pulled from the ___ Canal in Little Falls.
Michael Camerano of Frankfort was the first to be extradited from ___ after killing his neighbor and escaping to his native land in 1928.
In 1925, Theodore Dresier wrote his classic novel "An _____ Tragedy" based on the Gillette-Brown case.
A Great Bank Robbery took place in 1841 at the Herkimer County Bank, now the home of the Little Falls ____ Society.
Louis and his son Rocco Mulkoon were ___-leggers whose career ended on Jones Rd. in Frankfort.
Oscar Whitehead was an actor "caught" on film at the Richmond ___ in Herkimer 4 years after kidnapping his younger sister.
In 1935 agents from the Alcohol Tax Unit made a raid on the old Jones farm in the town of Russia on an illegal ____ operation.
The last woman hanged in New York State was Roxalana ___ in 1887.
Nancy Sprague came to a brutal demise at the hands of her husband and a ___ masher.
11 yr. old John Bowman was convicted of murder in 1811. His defense attorney was Daniel Cady, the father of women's rights activist Elizabeth Cady ____.
Lizzie and Martin Fynn had a rocky marriage with their deaths in 1908. They are buried separately in the Dibble-Tuttle Cemetery in ____.
Nancy Congden Yates Gardner Lyman survived 3 husbands. We call her the "Black ___" of Warren.
Jean Gianini murdered his former schoolteacher Lida Beecher in the village of ___ in 1914.
A group of young boys made a grisly discovery when they opened a ___ to find a dismembered body on the south side of Little Falls in 1917.