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History of the Xylophone

Xylophones can communicate ___________.
The 9th century was also called the Iron Age in what continent?
The zither is an early ___________ instrument.
A xylophone is NOT made of __________.
The xylophone was not around during the time of the _____________.
What family does a xylophone belong to?
A bell kit comes in a __________.
The earliest xylophone is from the 9th century in ______________ Asia.
If members of the percussion section do not listen to each other, chances are the band will fall apart rhythmically. True/false
Xylophones at Woodland are made of wood, such as rosewood, _________, or ebony.
Xylophonists in a band would normally not use _____________.
The xylophone usually plays the __________ .
Whether the player is playing loud or soft, in a Major or __________ key, he/she communicates to the audience.
Every instrument has a serial ____________.
In Music, Mrs. P. wants you to be a life-long ___________.
The xylophone was played with other players in __________ with other early instruments.
Xylophones mass-produced will look ______________.
Centuries ago, xylophone weren't as ___________ as they are today.
A Bell kit includes the xylophone, _________, and sometimes a fold-up stand.