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#MuseumGames March 29, 2020

Welcome to #MuseumGames. New puzzles on Sundays from museums around the world. The full puzzle is always available at
Little Red Schoolhouse in Cedar Fall, Iowa was originally what color?
This photographer known for capturing dancers and motion was also a co-founder of Aperture magazine.
Aplacophora are mollusks that lack what?
Wish on this.
Cleveland Museum of Natural History's Late Lucy for one.
What prize did George C. Marshall receive for his plan?
Pine and oak but not banana.
First name of one of America’s first female published poets and wife of one of NJ’s signers of the Declaration of Independence.
This is the busiest National Park in the country.
Artist Nina Chanel Abney cites this small digital icon used to express an idea, emotion, etc. as a source of inspiration for her work.
Heavily involved in the beginning of many arts organizations in Mississauga, Ontario, including the Art Gallery of Mississauga, this artist was well known for her water colours.
Duchamp-Villon’s bust of Baudelaire might look by marble but it’s actually another other white artmaking material.
This British-born architect designed Eastern State Penitentiary and its revolutionary hub-and-spoke design.
What was the car company for the limousine Woodrow Wilson rode in every day and owned after he left the White House?
This farmhouse is said to be in the ___ Colonial Style.
The only Hebrew letter that floats above the line.
Frida Kahlo lovingly painted a self-portrait for this exiled revolutionary figure.
What Bronze Age monument was discovered at Holm?
Weaver who brought Bauhaus design principles to Black Mountain College in North Carolina.
Howard Pyle is known for his painting of which mythological figure of the sea.
This German-American aerospace engineer developed Redstone, Jupiter, and Juno rockets for the U.S. Army. His magnum opus, the Saturn V, helped deliver American astronauts to the moon in 1969.
What famous ice cream business Joliet, Illinois in 1940?
In 1966, this nature center was born when this Cleveland-area community blocked an effort to build a freeway through its neighborhood.
The first female director of a planetarium (acting as Director of the Adler Planetarium from 1937-1947) was Maude ____
This lovely desk set including a calendar, blotter, was inlaid with ____.
A large vessel used to mix wine and water in ancient Greece was known as a _______. Ones known as “volute” have elaborate scrolling handles, like this one at the Getty Villa.
Circus magnate John Ringling completed his __Gothic-inspired mansion in Sarasota, FL in 1926, and named it “Ca’ d’Zan,” which translates to House of John in this Italian dialect.
Only 8 known examples survive of the swan vase by this famous china and porcelain company. One remains in the lobby of the Plant Museum.
What magazine has multiple covers in the Knights of Columbus Museum's collection? It's also a current publication of the Knights of Columbus.
What is the athletic synonym for a mutation in plants?
Who wrote the Rights of Man and Common Sense?
The Father of the Poster.
The Wheat Stalk in M.F. Hussain's mural symbolizes India's ________ Revolution.
The famous cartoon turtle who taught children to “Duck and Cover” under their school desks in the 1950’s.
The ship that made radio famous.
This Brooklyn artist repurposes broken toys and other “trash” to create sculptural pieces that challenge viewers to think about their impact on the world.
What under pressure substance did fireless Porter locomotives use for fuel?
Media for the shoes in Bing's photograph
Used throughout Victorian society as a muscle relaxer, cough suppressant, and more, this medicine is highly addictive
This furry friend named Touc, painted by Henri Tulouse-Laurec, is a fan favorite at the Hammer Museum at UCLA. What kind of animal is he?
Another word for work.
Central heating made these obsolete, but these radiators used this to heat spaces.